MagicRed Casino – review of a modern casino where you will find everything for a pleasant game

Review by Bradley Sykes

A few words about the organization

Already tired of constantly looking for an online casino that can provide not only the minimum options necessary for a pleasant game, but much more?

Then you definitely came to the right address, because MagicRed Casino is not just an organization that was founded by cunning entrepreneurs to make money. Here you can feel like an elite, playing in well-designed slots, board games and using other services that this gaming platform offers for all of its customers.

Why you can trust your money, personal data and time spent to this particular casino, because on the Internet you can find a huge number of other institutions and organizations of this type that offer their customers good bonuses and promise honesty and good attitude.

First of all, you need to believe not in words or inscriptions on the casino site, but in verified information and licenses, thanks to which the site itself is operated.

On this side, Magic Red Casino operates completely legally and can boast of its competitors and other illegal casinos, which in 2021 divorced a huge amount in order to deceive gullible customers.

But no, you can check the license obtained by Magic Red Casino from one of the best, most trusted and independent gaming communities – Malta Gaming Authority.

This license confirms the integrity of the team, and absolute randomness in the distribution of wins.

Obtaining a license from such a well-known and respected brand is very difficult, and the license itself is a guarantee of the quality of absolutely all the services that you can find on

You can see the license number, check if it is expired and valid in general, you can also on the casino website and on the gaming community website.

The only minus of this license is that it does not give permission to operate the site in England, but even here the operation of the casino is absolutely legal thanks to a special license received from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

It is quite difficult to get permission to work in the UK for online casinos, so this is another good reason to trust the Magic Red Casino team.

Fair gaming?

As already mentioned, the licenses obtained are the guarantor of quality. This applies to absolutely all gaming and technical aspects of Magic Red Casino.

Annual checks from the gaming communities only help to keep the bar in such crucial aspects as the security of all the data that is necessary to verify the user account, as well as all information regarding credit cards and absolutely any other payment methods that can be used on the site.

Also, this confirms an absolutely honest attitude towards our customers. In order to determine the amount of winnings, when it will appear and other aspects, a special very complex Random Number Generator program is used, which works independently of the operator and is almost impossible to influence the result.

In order to verify the accuracy and correctness of the RNG, daily checks are carried out, and the status of the program itself is monitored 24/7 by the best specialists who were entrusted with this task.

If the only obstacle that stands between you and Magic Red Casino is to drop all prejudices rather, because licenses from world-famous organizations do not get medium-sized casinos, they are given only to the best masters of the gaming business who are used to self-improvement and care about their customers.

I want to join!

Really interested in this place? Still, it’s hard to find a really worthwhile organization where you can spend several hours a day completely relaxing or vice versa, risking and feeling all this drive and goosebumps as much as possible.

A standard question is brewing, how to register at Magic Red Casino and start winning your first money?

Having visited the main page under the link, you will need to take a look at the upper right corner of the site, where you will find 2 buttons: Login or Join. The first is suitable for those who have already passed the registration process, now he has his own personal account and he can go directly to making his first deposit.

Well, we will focus on the second button, rather click and go on to create your new, and for some, maybe the first account.

After clicking, a window will open in the middle of the main page, it says that registration will take place in two simple steps and will take a minimum amount of time even for a beginner.

In the first step of registration, you will see three lines, each of which will need to be filled with the relevant information.

  • The first line is the Email Address.
  • The second line is the choice of the login that will be used to enter the site.
  • Third line – Create a password that, together with the login, will protect your account from access by third parties.

You don’t have to enter anything more on this page, we proceed to the next step, where you will need much more information.

We start filling out this form by entering the name and surname, and then proceed immediately to the choice of currency, which will be used as the main one, you will make deposits and withdraw funds only with its help.

After we enter your date of birth. Registration is available only for adult citizens who are at least 18 years old. Otherwise, it’s better to immediately leave the site because you won’t be able to withdraw funds.

In the next lines you will need to enter the address, zip code and mobile phone number.

If you want to receive information about the various bonus programs that are held in the casino, then click on the corresponding checkmark, and if you already have a bonus code that you want to use immediately, write it in the last line.

We open an account and everything is ready, you can proceed to the next no less interesting and important issue.

How to make first deposit?

Like any other casino of the highest level, Magic Red Casino gives gamblers the opportunity to first test the product, and only after that start playing for real money.

For this, two game mods have been created – this is a practical mod and a game for real money. But you should not rejoice greatly, because the first option is available only for the first 250 games, after which the function will be closed until a minimum deposit is made. After that, 250 more games will be added for a practical account.

Now, let’s look around in the cashier section, which is necessary, as you might have guessed, to make your first and subsequent deposits, as well as to withdraw funds from the game balance to your wallet.

After moving to this section, you will find the “Deposit” button, click on it and proceed to the next step. Yes, it is not worth worrying about the security of your data, as mentioned above, because the encryption protocol used on this page allows you to get complete protection against data leakage.

Depending on your country of residence, payment methods vary. In general, there are as many as 4 types of credit cards that a casino accepts, including Visa, Maestro and Mastercard.

In addition, there are more than 10 electronic wallets that can be used to fund your account, here are Neteller and PayPal and other popular methods. In extreme cases, you can even make a bank transfer, but at the same time the money will go to the account for up to three days, so I do not recommend using this method.

In any other scenario, I chose the appropriate payment system, entering the payment amount, the minimum is 10 euros, enter all the data and confirm your payment.

Everything will be scheduled step by step, additional questions should not appear.

The history of all deposits will be available in your account on the site, it will not be difficult to find it.

There are also functions to introduce various limits on the minimum and maximum payment amount, on the maximum rate, and so on. This is done so that the gambler could limit himself in actions on the site in case he feels that he is beginning to lose control of himself and his game.

Remember that winning is just a consequence of a pleasant game, not a goal.

Withdrawing of wins

Already played enough, is it time to start withdrawing funds? Or vice versa, do not want to take any more risks, so do you need to get money back? Without any questions, you can do this at any time of the day or night, regardless of the day of the week, holiday or any other circumstances.

You can transfer funds to your account from which a deposit was made when you want it, but it is worth considering that the payment method affects the percentage that is charged for the transfer of funds as well as the time it takes to process and complete the withdrawal.

The minimum withdrawal amount, as well as the maximum, also depends on the method.

In order to request money, you will first need to verify your account, which will require photos of some documents.

This was done to avoid fraud both on the part of the casino and on the part of dishonest gamblers who tried to register under a false name, or did not reach the age of majority, or tried to trick the casino in any other way.

This process is quite simple, you just need to enter your personal account, go to the necessary section “Uploading Documents”. There you can place all the photos of the necessary documents, the maximum weight of one file should be no more than 6 megabytes. Documents can also be sent by mail to the casino address in Malta or by email.

Withdrawals, when you are done with the confirmation of the account, will take up to three days from the date of the request.

Withdraw your funds in advance if you know that you will need them soon.

The withdrawal process is as simple as in the case of a deposit, it differs only in the need to send documents, but all legal modern online casinos use these measures.

Having entered the Cashier section, you will find the button you need and go through it. There you will find all the same methods by entering the minimum or necessary amount of withdrawal and confirming all the data, you will see a message that soon the funds will arrive in your account.

After that, you can only wait, but if you feel something is amiss, then contact the support representatives who are needed for this. They can check how the withdrawal process is going and explain to you the essence of the problem, if any.


You can’t just ignore the dedicated work of support, although there are significant disadvantages compared to similar ones.

The most important minus that catches your eye right away is that support cannot answer any of your questions 24/7, because it works from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. GMT. So, if during the night game you have any questions, you can’t get an answer right away, you have to wait until morning, which is not convenient for gamblers.

There are two methods for contacting a support representative. The first, fastest and most frequently used method is to connect using live chat. To do this, you will need to go to the very bottom of the site and find the Contact Us section.

After going to this section, a window will pop up with these two methods, select the top one and the chat will open. To start the chat you need to enter your name and email and press start chat.

Further in the relay time you will receive absolutely any answer.

If you can wait, just write a letter to the company email in which you describe the essence of the problem or question. Then, during business hours you will receive an answer. But it is worth describing the whole essence in detail, because otherwise, the process of obtaining the necessary information may be delayed.


Slots in Magic Red Casino is what has brought popularity. Only the best providers have the opportunity to supply this place with slots and live games.

High-quality games are divided for easy navigation. There is a search both by the name of the game and by the provider. The total number of games is difficult to calculate, because there are really a lot of them.

You can try the demo version of the games to make sure the quality of the picture and the honesty of the winners.

Live casino is also an integral part of this gambler platform, there are various rooms with roulette, blackjack and other games that are popular in real casino games.

One has only to try and you do not want to leave the game, so be extremely careful and careful with this, because it is really a bewitching sight. You can talk about it forever, like reading, but it’s better to try it once and see for yourself.


Each gambler has the right to get into the VIP club of this casino. In total there are 7 VIP levels, each of which is designed to increase interest in the gambling casino.

Levels are distinguished by bonuses that the user receives. Free games are added with each level, starting from 0 for new players and ending with 50 games for VIP players of the last level.

In addition, many more bonuses are offered with an increase in the level of VIP.

Each new user gets the opportunity to participate in the welcome campaign. Under the terms of the promotion, you are entitled to a 100% deposit bonus of 200 euros. You want to get more than 200 euros to the bonus account, even if you deposit 300 euros, it will not work. In addition to this, you will receive 20 free spins, which can and should be used only for certain games, a list of which can be found on the site.

On the second and third day you get even more free spins on various slots.

Of course, there is a minus in that it will be necessary to wager a large amount to withdraw your bonus, but it is a widespread practice in online casinos around the world.


Magic Red Casino is a popular place to play among users in many countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand. It is not just that.

To get a nice bonus, not to worry about any aspects of the game, knowing that you have all the necessary licenses to work, is what attracts customers.

In addition, there is the opportunity to play not only in slots, but also in live casinos, which also emphasizes the status of the organization, which received as many as 2 quality certificates.

Support that doesn’t work 24/7 is probably the only negative that you can find fault with, but even so the casino has not lost ground for many years.